To-Go Ware Stainless Steel 3- Tier Tiffin Lunch Box

To-Go Ware Stainless Steel 3- Tier Tiffin Lunch Box

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This 3-Tier Stainless Steel Tiffin Set is the answer to the perfect 3 course meal or picnic. Great for salads, soup (top container is best for liquids), and desserts. Self-latching top container gives you the flexibility to pack just one or take it in its 3-tiered glory. Use your top tiffin solo for snacks or smaller meals, or as a triplet if you want to add a side dish or salad, main course or dessert.


Sturdy Latching System
Top Lid Doubles as a Plate
Versatile: top container can be used on its own
Made of 200, 14/1 Grade Stainless Steel (a grade specifically made for safe storage of food stuffs)
100% Recyclable
Food-Safe & Non-Leaching (Lab tests have shown that stainless steel used for making To-Go Ware containers contains no levels of materials harmful to people or the planet.)
BPA & Phthalate-Free
Dishwasher Safe
Handle Folds Down for Easy Storage
NOT Leak-Proof

Product Specifications:

Assembled Height: 16 cm
Diameter: 14 cm
Liquid Measurements: 2 cups, for top and middle units; 2 1/2 cups, bottom unit