How It Works

how it works

Customers are encouraged to bring in their clean containers from home for refilling. There are glass containers and jars available for purchase if needed but the goal is use what you already have!

Weigh - FILL - Reweigh - Pay in $/kg - Save a whale- Leave feeling fulFILLed!

The container is weighed at the counter and the weight is written in the container. The container is then filled with product of your choice and then reweighed taking into account the container’s original weight to determine price. And viola! Just like that, you have saved a plastic from entering the environment!

This is a pretty new concept so don’t be afraid to ask questions. Newbie fillers are welcome! Staff are available to assist in the filling process and product selection. We will try to help you determine what your priorities are, ECO friendly, cleaning power, price point, yummy smells, etc!

Save your bottles from recycling! These containers have now become a hot commodity: Shampoo bottles, body lotion, hand soap, laundry soap, spray bottles (that are bleach and ammonia free ). Be creative with your refill containers: Mason jars, sour cream or yogurt containers make great refillables. Small jam jars are great for toothpaste and deodorant refills.
Just make sure the suckers are clean.

Do you have other containers that you want to save from the recycling? Bring them on down to FILL for other customers to use. Just make sure they are clean!

What about price? Good news, you can save the environment and save money at the same time! Refilling your ECO friendly products has a cost savings compared to buying the same product in an individual item. There is a supply of regular grade products as well for those people that want to reduce plastic but aren’t 100% quinoa kale hippy dippy types.

And don’t forget to BYOC and BYOB - Bring your own container and bring your own bag!