About Gabi

Gabi is ecstatic to be joining Teresa for her second location of FILL.

“The environment and sustainability has always been something I’ve been aware of. In school I would focus my projects on climate change and environmental causes. Since graduation, I have spent over 18 months working and living in Guatemala at a family project called Project Somos that focuses on education and nutrition for kids in the local village, with a huge focus on sustainability. I helped with school presentations in surrounding areas, teaching children about plastic waste in the environment. We would teach the kids how to make ‘eco-bricks’, soft plastics stuffed into a plastic bottle, used to make buildings and interior walls at Somos. Working and spending so much time living in rural Guatemala with no recycling or garbage facilities, it forced us to really be aware of our waste and how to repurpose as much as you can.”

“Last year I knew I needed a change in my life, and an ad for a job opening for FILL came across my Instagram page… fast forward a few days, Teresa hired me as the weekend help through Christmas with no promise of hours after the holiday season, yet here we are! Less than a year later we have partnered together to continue reducing plastic waste in the environment! I could not be more thrilled for this new journey and adventure in life. I cannot imagine life without FILL (or Teresa)! I love that everyday I get the opportunity to help people reduce plastic waste and talk through more sustainable lifestyles.”

In her time off Gabi can usually be found outside, whether it be in the mountains hiking or paddle boarding on the lake. Her passion for sustainable living is stemmed from her love of the outdoors. She is a true believer of ‘leave no trace’ and is taking the trail motto into every aspect of her life.

Gabi loves to connect with people (and dogs) and she makes the filling process memorable, so you and your bottles leave feeling FILLed!