Om Organics- Palmarose + Ylang Ylang Awaken Massage Oil

Om Organics- Palmarose + Ylang Ylang Awaken Massage Oil

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Add a little extra TLC to your routine with an invigorating blend of essential oils. Sensual aromas relieve tension while promoting tranquility and calm. Experience ultimate relaxation and hydration, post-bath or when you need to unwind solo or with a partner.


Anti-inflammatory properties and rich antioxidants combine for a soothing sensation and beautiful fragrance.


Promotes calm and relaxation with anti-inflammatory benefits that bring tranquility into intimate moments.


Abundant in Vitamin E, this moisturizing oil not only hydrates but also progressively softens the skin over time, enhancing the overall tactile experience.

Rub a small amount of product together with your hands to warm the oil before applying to the skin. Use long, relaxing strokes directed towards the heart for additional benefits.

This product contains almond oil and is not safe for those with a nut allergy.