Hydaway - Collapsible Bowls
Hydaway - Collapsible Bowls

Hydaway - Collapsible Bowls

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Inspiring food leads to memorable experiences. If you want to tame your tummy with more than top ramen in a stale metal pot, glamp it up with our outdoor-inspired camp dinnerware.

Hydaway's lightest and most packable bowl holds your hot-or-cold meal then packs flat to fit in your camp kit, backpack, or cooler tote. The 1.5-cups (360ml) capacity is the perfect size for kids, side dishes, and backpacking.

Key Features

Hydaway's dynamic dinnerware can fold down and fit into the tiniest backpack pocket or van compartment.

An all-conditions insulation sleeve along the sides and bottom of the bowls protects your hands and keeps food warmer, longer. The gasketed spill-proof lid keeps bugs out and heat in until chow time.

Whether enjoying your meal at a picnic table, inside your travel van, or just sitting on a rock, Hydaway's sturdy, high-quality materials expand and collapse for years to come.

After you’re fed and refuelled, simply clean your bowl at camp. Or collapse it down, seal with the spill-proof lid, and pop it in the dishwasher once back at home.

Each bowl is inspected and third-party verified to keep you safe from BPA, phthalates and other plastic pollutants.