Basic Goods - Make-Up Cloth

Basic Goods - Make-Up Cloth

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The magically soft Make Off Cloths that will remove all makeup with only water!

A clean face should be a breeze especially when it comes to our eco-friendly and gentle makeup remover. The Make Off Cloths is made from 100% polyester and it’s reusable and free from harmful chemicals. The cloths come in a lightweight envelope which carries 2 heavenly soft makeup removers to replace cotton rounds. They are ideal for travelling or home and leave your skin soft and glowy without being hard on your skin! 

Rather than waste money on expensive and harmful makeup removers, this eco-friendly makeup remover is reusable and soft on your skin.

  • A softness that lasts machine washes
  • Double the pleasure with 2 cloths per pack [Pink & Gray)
  • Product measurements: 10 L x 0.1 W x 8.25 H