Tru Earth Small Produce Bags

Tru Earth Small Produce Bags

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ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: These mesh grocery bags are amazing and for good reason! Plastic bags can take over 1000 years to break down and are harmful both to marine species and our environment. Why take the risk? Ditch the plastic bag and choose the best option for you - reusable mesh grocery bags!

EASY TO USE AND VERSATILE: The options are endless when it comes to using these net shopping bags. Use them at the grocery store, farmer’s market or even at the beach. These reusable shopping bags are designed to keep up with your lifestyle.

BREATHABLE DESIGN:  Tired of always having to open your plastic bags to find the items you need? You won't have that problem anymore as the mesh design of these shopping tote bags is see-thru. It also means that your fruits and vegetables will stay fresh as they have room to breathe.

SIMPLE TO CLEAN: Made with 100% durable cotton fabric, these grocery bags are sturdy, yet easy to clean. They can be hand washed or placed in your washing machine. They dry quickly without having to throw them in the dryer.