Bin Breeze

Bin Breeze

BinBreeze makes composting easy! It's a lavender scented food waste deodorizer and insect repellent (no more fruit flies). Just sprinkle over newly added food waste in your at-home food waste bin!

BinBreeze patent-pending formula is non-toxic and made from all natural ingredients: BC rare earth minerals, locally-sourced untreated Douglas fir wood waste, and organic essential oils. 

An idea emerging from a partnership of science and business at the University of Victoria, BinBreeze is manufactured by a team of students and teachers to help you take your kitchen back from decomposing food and annoying bugs!

Produced sustainably and helping you enjoy your sustain BinBreeze is an upcycled product proudly launching through Project Zero by Synergy Enterprises and funded by the City of Victoria & Vancity. BinBreeze is now sold at over 15 retailers on Vancouver Island! 

BinBreeze makes USING A GREEN BIN EASY for hundreds of people already! Try it today!